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Australasian Association for Digital Humanities

Formed in 2011, the Australasian Association for Digital Humanities (aaDH) is a member of the international Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO). The society was founded in order to strengthen and encourage digital humanities research in the scholarly communities of Australia and New Zealand. As a professional association. aaDH is committed to extending the links "between digital humanities researchers", improving "professional development opportunities", and providing "international leverage for local projects and initiatives". The aaDH also hosts a conference every two years. The aaDH is affiliated with the Council for the Humanities, Art and Social Sciences, the Australasian Consortium of Humanities Research Centre, and Anthem Press.


Association for Computers and the Humanities

Founded in 1978, the Association for Computers and the Humanities (ACH) has been present for numerous extraordinary shifts in the landscape of the digital humanities. Committed to understanding and developing the connections between technology and humanities, ACH has witnessed how this powerful collaboration has "fundamentally transferred both domains". ACH is the major United States of America professional society for the digital humanities and is a member of the international ADHO. ACH is also affiliated with the Association of Literary and Linguistic Computing and the Society of Digital Humanities/Societe pour l'etude des media interactifs. ACH organizes conferences, publishes scholarly research, and hosts outreach activities in order to "cultivate a vibrant professional community",


European Association for Digital Humanities

Originally founded in 1973 under the name Association for Literary and Linguistic Computing, the European Association for Digital Humanities (EADH) "brings together and represents the Digital Humanities in Europe across the entire spectrum of disciplines that research, develop, and apply digital humanities methods and technology". The society has broadened substantially over the decades since its formation and now encompasses research based in text analysis, history, art history, music, manuscript studies, image processing, and electronic editions. EADH is a "founding chapter" of ADHO.


Alliance of Digital Humanities Organisations

"The Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO) promotes and supports digital research and teaching across all arts and humanities disciplines, acting as a community-based advisory force, and supporting excellence in research, publication, collaboration and training". As an umbrella organization, ADHO encompasses the following members: The European Association for Digital Humanities (EADH); Association for Computers and the Humanities (ACH); Canadian Society for Digital Humanities/Société canadienne des humanités numériques (CSDH/SCHN); centerNet; Australasian Association for Digital Humanities (aaDH); and Japanese Association for Digital Humanites (JADH).


American Historical Association

Founded in 1884, the American Historical Association (AHA) has been an important facet of scholarly, historical studies in America since its conception. The AHA has shaped and has been shaped by "prevailing social forces" over its 130 year history. Today, the AHA "is the largest professional organization in the United States devoted to the study and promotion of history and historical thinking". The AHA is committed to bringing "together historians from all specializations and professions, embracing their breadth, variety, and ever-changing activity". With over 14,000 member, the AHA is critical in facilitating networks between scholars and promoting collaborative efforts.


Modern Language Association

Founded in 1883, the Modern Language Association (MLA) is one of the largest scholarly organizations in the world with almost 28,000 members in approximately 100 countries. The mission of the MLA is to promote "the study and teaching of languages and literature through its programs, publications, annual convention, and advocacy work. The MLA exists to support the intellectual and professional lives of its members; it provides opportunities for members to share their scholarly work and teaching experiences with colleagues, discuss trends in the academy, and advocate humanities education and workplace equity". In order to accomplish these objectives the MLA hosts an annual convention, facilitates an online network platform known as the MLA Commons, and publishes four academic journals: PMLA, ADE Bulletin, ADFL Bulletin, and Profession.


Shakespeare Association of America

Founded in 1972, "The Shakespeare Association of America (SAA) is a non-profit professional organization for the advanced academic study of William Shakespeare’s plays and poems, his cultural and theatrical contexts, and the many roles he has played in world culture". The SAA hosts an annual conference in order to provide members with the opportunity to meet and "exchange ideas and strategies for reading, teaching, researching, and writing about topics of shared interest". The SAA is also committed to assisting postdoctoral and graduate scholars by facilitating seminars and workshops through the year.


Sixteenth Century Society and Conference

The Sixteenth Century Society & Conference (SCSC) "is a scholarly society that is interested in the early modern era (ca. 1450-ca. 1660)". With membership across the globe, the SCSC "welcomes scholars from all disciplines who have an interest in early modern studies". The SCSC hosts a large conference annually with approximately 170 sessions for research paper presentations. The SCSC is "closely associated with the Sixteenth Century Journal (SCJ) and Iter".


Bodleian Library

First opened to scholars in 1602, The Bodleian Library is one of the most celebrated libraries in the world. Not only are the collections of the Bodleian Library immense, but some of the original buildings erected in the 15th century still remain intact. Over the past four centuries, the Bodleian Library has continued to expand its collection and the combined library collections house more than 11 million printed items. "The mission of the Bodleian Libraries is to provide an excellent service to support the learning, teaching and research objectives of the University of Oxford; and to develop and maintain access to Oxford’s unique collections for the benefit of scholarship and society". The Bodleian Library is a major centre for studies in the 17th century and "holds several major collections of state papers", documents on war and peace, and collections illustrating the dominate British empire.

University of Oxford, Oxford, UK


British Library

The British Library was founded in 1972 and opened in 1973. The British Library is actually consortium of institutions united under one title: British Museum Library (St. Pancras), the National Central Library, the National Lending Library for Science and Technology, the Office for Scientific and Technical Information, and the British National Bibliography. With a collection of well over 150 million items and nearly three million new items being added each each, the British Library's collection is almost unsurpassed. The British Library has an impressive online archive that provides access o manuscripts, sound recordings, newspapers, and much more.

London, UK